Iodoform "Silver"


A New Option for Character Modules

"Iodoform is not an onboard preamp. Rather than amplifying and flavoring the sound as a preamp, Iodoform was developed from the perspective of actively changing the original sound and tone of the guitar at the character level. Unlike an on-board preamp, it is possible to create an effective sound by simply turning it on and off while playing, with two EQs for bass and treble, and a pre-set gain level. For example, if you are a blues or jazz musician who plays with just a guitar and an amp, you can easily get an effective sound while maintaining your previous equipment environment. It can also be left on as a preamp, of course. If you are a hard rock player, you can equalize your guitar with the powerful 2EQ and create a noiseless sound with the low impedance signal created by the active circuit.

Another great feature of the Character Module Series (CMS), the backbone of the Iodoform line, is the small size of the enclosure and the built-in battery. Thanks to the small size of the housing, 9V so-called 006P batteries (approx. 50 x 26 mm) can be installed in the CMS, and the batteries can be stored at the same time. Furthermore, the "Iodoform" can be replaced with another CMS product via a socket. The Iodoform can be replaced with another CMS product via a socket, so you can keep your guitar as clean as possible, and from a repairman's point of view, you can save time and effort.

Experience a new way of playing with a character module that is different from an onboard preamp.





YELLOW  : Wiring for inputting output from pickups, etc.
GREEN  : Wires to be output from the character module itself
WHITE  : Wiring to the ring part of the switchable jack
BLACK  : Ground wire that connects to the common ground of the guitar


- Controls : Volume, Drive, Treble, Bass
- Power Supply : Battery powered, 9V to 18V
- Dimensions : Width (W) 70 mm, Depth (D) 29 mm, Thickness (H) 12.6 mm (excluding protruding parts such as wiring material)
- Weight : 22g
- Power consumption : 5mA
- EAN : 4589825520246
- Accessories : 2 mounting screws, 2 dodgy bit inserts (thread support material), warranty card

When installing this product on your instrument, it may not be possible to install it on your existing instrument without additional processing. Forcible installation without modification may result in damage to your instrument. Please consult with your retailer, repair store, or other professional before installation. Please note that any problems or accidents that may occur during installation are the responsibility of the user and are not guaranteed by our company. Specifications are subject to change without notice due to product improvements.

The image is a sample. Please note that the anodizing process and laser printing may differ slightly from one unit to another. In addition, there may be dullness from the anodizing process and minor scratches from the machining process, but these are specifications.