Volume Pedal KND-LOW


Volume pedal that integrates with your body

The KND-LOW was born out of a desire to make the volume pedal not just a device that changes the volume, but a product that creates new music by using the changes. The "KND-LOW" was born from this desire, and this volume pedal, which uses a robust housing from ERENIE BALL, offers players a new playing experience. The KND-LOW volume pedal is unlike any other volume pedal, with a quick rise from the 0 position, and an organic volume change near the maximum, all in a natural and linear manner. The front-mounted "CURVE CONTROL" knob allows the user to adjust the volume curve to the optimum level. Inevitably, we also paid close attention to the sound quality. This volume pedal, which took two years to produce, has supported the production of various famous songs and performances in large halls since its prototype. And it's still at our feet today. The tone and pitch that govern the sound of the guitar ...... are also the making of the volume changes in the time axis that follow them. KarDiaN proposes a new volume pedal as an instrument to control them.

This knob controls the curve of the volume pedal, which is the most important feature of this pedal. You can adjust the rise of the volume from the heel position to the toe position, fully open to the left for a fast rise and fully open to the right for a slow rise. This allows you to adjust the treadmill to be optimized for your sensitivity. These can be adjusted in the low impedance range.

It uses AMRG resistors made by AMTRANS to give a clear and dynamic sound with no magnetic distortion due to the non-magnetic material, allowing you to enjoy the sound that is typical of KarDiaN. The potentiometer at the heart of the unit uses a high-end audio POT from Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co. The potentiometer at the heart of the unit is a high-end audio POT from Tokyo Cosmos Electric, which provides high durability and top-quality sound quality that is unaffected by outdoor stages. The POT that controls the curve uses a multi-stage detent that is also used in high-end audio equipment, allowing detailed settings with 41 clicks and preventing malfunction during performance. The high-grade matte black circuit board has a custom wiring width for this pedal. The wired-quality board and the gray wire connecting it have a conductor area of 1.25 m² to minimize sound quality changes.

• His product is a volume pedal for low impedance, so please connect it after connecting the effects pedal.
• Control : Curve Control
• Dimension : Width (W) 90 mm, Depth (D) 255 mm, Height (H) 53 mm
• Weight : 1,030g
• EAN : 4589825520208
• Accessories : Warranty card