Vitamin C "Army Green Ver"


4th Anniversary Pedal

In 2017, KarDiaN was born as a Japanese pedal brand. In the past four years, the brand has produced over 3,000 pedals for a wide range of artists. One of the characteristics of this brand is the reconstruction of the presence that only vintage pedals have, and the setting of sound control that modern pedals have for the field. The "Custom Build Series", commonly known as the "Rust Pedal", is a marriage of these two. For the anniversary in 2021, I will be building a pedal based on the "Vitamic C", using my vintage "Green Russian Muff" as a reference. For the 2021 anniversary, I made a pedal based on this "Vitamic C", using my own vintage "Green Russian Muff" as a reference.

Toshikazu's "Green Russian Muff tall font"

When I analyzed my vintage "Green Russian Muff," one of the earliest models I own, I noticed a distinct musical high drop. The guitar signal is supposed to remain as high-fidelity as possible. However, this "tall font" which lacked sound information produced a very musical Fuzz sound. The reason for this I felt was the contrast with the full range sound that is a habit of modern equipment. There are a lot of pedals that create flat sound by sounding components that are not necessary for a good sound, and I think that is the reason why vintage pedals are called warm sound. This is the reason why vintage pedals are called warm sounding.

In addition, the KarDiaN's flexible 2EQ tone control, especially the Treble control, allows you to adjust the high frequency part of the sound, which is treated with highs but still retains the highs.

Left: Vitamin C "Army Green Ver" Right: Normal


In order to create the "tall font" sound, we made bold changes to the circuit design and parts. The power supply was changed from Panasonic OS-CON to WCAP-PTG5 made by Wurth Elektronik in Germany. For the coupling capacitor, we used a vintage Tropical Fish capacitor. The result is a unique high-frequency masking effect that cannot be obtained with filters alone. For the clipping part, we used a Zener diode "1N5232" instead of the 1N914 normally used in the "Green Russian Muff", and by utilizing the characteristics of the Zener voltage, we were able to reproduce the "tall font" style Fuzz Distotion. In addition, the operation of the Fuzz knob has been changed on a circuit basis, and adjusted to produce a smoother tone when set to low gain

Serial number of 1 / 100 is listed.


The Vitamin C "Army Green Ver" is a model that is limited to 100 units worldwide since the vintage Tropical Fish capacitors were secured. 4 years have passed since KaDiaN pedals have been supporting the feet of people around the world. This pedal was created on a memorable day, and will walk with artists into the next era.

• Input impedance:1MΩ 
• Output impedance:10kΩ
• Control : Volume、Fuzz、Treble、Bass
• Switching:True Bypass
• Connecting:1/4 inch standard phone jack x 2 (input, output)
• Power supply method:9V center minus DC power
• Current consumption : 3mA
• Dimension : Width (W) 72 mm, Depth (D) 121 mm, Height (H) 55 mm (including protrusions such as foot switches and jacks)
• Weight : 286g
• EAN : 4589825520048
• Accessories : Warranty card

Please note that specifications are subject to change without notice due to product improvements. Also, the image is a sample. Please note that the paint finish may vary slightly from unit to unit.