titania Leda Signature Edition


World-class high-gain distortion

This "titania" is the new high-gain distortion released by KarDiaN, which started the brand in 2017 and sends out unique and original effectors.

Development of "titania" started as a signature model of guitarist "Leda", which expands the range of various recordings, live performances and activities from extreme metal to pop music. From Leda's beloved Djent to classical rock, this pedal has achieved a wide range of tones.

With his overwhelming playing technique and exceptional sound make-up, the effector that will be engraved in his official history will be born as a pedal for Leda who has produced numerous guitar sounds. It is a world-class high-gain distortion packed with the attention of KarDiaN builder Kitada and Leda, which was derived from a development period of 2 years until the release and more than 10 demo machines.

The sound is the wide range of tones that can be switched with the H (HEAVY), N (NORMAL), and L (LIGHT) toggle switches, and the “MID” that pushes the band that the guitarist wants to extrude in an easy-to-understand manner. "Control," BASS "that supports the center of gravity without being too violent," TREBLE "that controls the sharpness and speed feeling unique to high gain distortion, and" PRESENSE "that controls the touch feeling, and the bite of the pedal that the amplifier does not have It can create a feeling and a lump of distortion like the wall of an amp, and it can be said to be a "good effector of amps and pedals". For modern guitarists who play not only 7-string but also 8-string and above, it is easy to control the good pronunciation of low-pitched strings, sharpness of picking attack, etc., and it is also excellent at following percussive phrases. .. It is said that the circuit configuration does not include a noise gate, but I am surprised at the low noise when muted.

If you don't know Leda, why not use this pedal as a "musician model with strong tuning"? You might think. However, if you actually try it, you will immediately realize that it is a modern pedal that allows the guitarist to grasp the scenery of extreme metal that he wants to realize.

Named "titania", this pedal is the perfect name to express this effector that combines "white elegance" and "strong originality", while at the same time overturning the traditional KarDiaN brand image. It is finished to make you feel strongly the arrival of a new era.


You can adjust the amount of low frequencies before entering the GAIN section. It is also possible to adjust the character to match an instrument with a wide low range, such as another string guitar.

You can create the roaring low frequencies of a cabinet.

This is the standard low-frequency balance of this unit.

You can create a light, modern low range that matches the ensemble.

WIMA's MPFC (metallized polyester film capacitor) is used for the signal line, and a capacitor with excellent acoustic characteristics is selected. For the resistor, we used a high quality resistor from Bourns of the United States and designed it with an accuracy of 1%. In addition, our original foot switch is custom-made, and the burden and noise at the time of switching are reduced as much as possible with a light treading comfort of only 1.1 kg.

KarDiaN's new lineup, this machine uses a machined aluminum body housing. With scratch-resistant sandblasting, it works as a robust pedal even at live performances. In addition, the luxurious alumite-treated housing has been carefully crafted to be loved for a long time as a special pedal.

This three-dimensional tribal pattern, designed in collaboration with Leda, was created by using two different lasers with different power outputs. The laser engraving, printed in black and white, is reminiscent of his graceful and dynamic performances.

• Input impedance:1MΩ 
• Output impedance:10kΩ
• Control : Volume、Gain、Presence、Treble、Mid、Bass、Character(H, M, L)
• Switching:True Bypass
• Connecting:1/4 inch standard phone jack x 2 (input, output)
• Power supply method:9V ~ 18V center minus DC power supply (battery compatible 9V type 006P type)
• Current consumption:16mA
• Dimension:Width (W) 100 mm, Depth (D) 120 mm, Height (H) 57 mm (including protrusions such as foot switches and jacks)
• Weight:408g
• EAN:4589825520222
• Accessories:Warranty card( The titania Leda Signature Edition comes with a Leda certificate )

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to product improvements. The image is a sample. Please note that the alumite treatment and laser printing may differ slightly from one unit to another. In addition, there may be dullness due to alumite treatment and small scratches due to carving, but it is a specification.