Serotonin Origin S.T.


Tube Screamer originator "Susumu Tamura" new effects pedal

In 1978, the Legend pedal was born. Now, its creator, Susumu Tamura, former engineer at Maxon, and KarDiaN have created a completely new Tube Screamer-like pedal.

The supreme overdrive created by all Tube Screamers.

Susumu Tamura is a legendary engineer who is no stranger to the effects pedal world. His design skills have produced many great pedals, starting with the Tube Screamer. Mr. Tamura is currently living in Nagano, Japan, where he spends his time designing pedals, and he was able to connect with Mr. Hirabayashi of Shimamura Gakki to collaborate with KarDiaN. Mr. Tamura and KarDiaN Kitada designed the circuitry for the two engineers, and KarDiaN Kitada has a Maxon OD-808 Narrow, Maxon OD-808, Ibanez TS-808 Narrow, Ibanez TS-808, etc.. All of these pedals, and several others of the same model, were studied by the two engineers, and the result is a pedal that is the culmination of their efforts.

Tube Screamer and Serotonin Origin S.T.


Mr. Tamura and I studied the Tube Screamer, and in particular, the Tube Screamer based on vintage units, which are now at a premium. We designed and developed a completely new overdrive pedal based on a TS-based overdrive called the Serotonin, which I myself created, and which has the essence of vintage overdrive, but is distinctly different from it. It is neither TS nor Serotonin, but a completely new overdrive from the circuit. However, there is certainly a sound that resounds with the Tube Screamer origin. And as a tribute to him, a metal plate with Susumu Tamura's signature designed on it is mounted on this unit.

▲ Signature plate to signify Origin S.T.


The sample units that we built with Mr. Tamura amounted to multiple units, during which we created numerous prototypes. We made many adjustments to the sound balance, as well as to the subtleties of tone and gain at the dB level. In some cases, the circuitry had to be rewritten extensively. However, all of these efforts led to the creation of the "Serotonin Origin S.T.", which delivers a great sound to the world.

Final prototype


"Serotonin Origin S.T." has a special attention to detail from the parts. In particular, the heart of the sound is a special op-amp selected by Mr. Susumu Tamura. I was not able to find out the model number of this op-amp, and I was also told that this op-amp was discontinued. However, Mr. Susumu Tamura has stocked tens of thousands of these to ensure his original sound. Other carefully selected components such as Orange Drop coupling capacitors and Amtrans AMRG, which carries KarDiaN's signature tone, were used to achieve the one and only unique sound.

▲ Serotonin Origin S.T. circuit board

▲ Susumu Tamura Special Op-Amp

▲ Cornell Dubilier Orange Drop

▲ Amtrans AMRG

▲ Vishay 021 ASM

▲ KEMET Tantalum Cap


This time, we took on a new challenge with the paint. Some vintage Tube Screamers had a yellow paint base, which peels off to reveal the yellow color on the surface when the pedal is worn out. We have reproduced the bright green and yellow multi-layers on this pedal

▲ Rare multi-layer paint job on vintage Tube Screamer


It has been 45 years since the legendary pedal created by Susumu Tamura was born, and now, From the next 46 years, Susumu Tamura and KaDiaN's Kitada have created a new legendary overdrive. Experience the wonderful Origin S.T. sound that lives up to its legendary status.


- Input impedance : 2.2MΩ
- Output impedance : 10kΩ
- Control : Volume、Drive、Treble、Bass
- Switching : True Bypass
- Connecting:1/4 inch standard phone jack x 2 (input, output)
- Power supply method:9V center minus DC power, 006P Battery
- Current consumption : 10mA
- Dimension : Width (W) 72 mm, Depth (D) 121 mm, Height (H) 55 mm (including protrusions such as foot switches and jacks)
- Weight : 311g
- EAN : 4589825520581
- Accessories : Warranty card

Please note that specifications are subject to change without notice due to product improvements. Also, the image is a sample. Please note that the paint finish may vary slightly from unit to unit. As a specification of the metal knob, touch noise is generated only when operating the knob. It is recommended that the knob be operated with the strings grounded (fingers touching the strings).

Tube Screamer is a registered trademark of Hoshino Gakki Co.