Serotonin 5th


5th Anniversary Pedal

KarDiaN, a pedal brand born in 2017, is now celebrating its 5th anniversary. This year, we will produce a pedal named after the number "5," which is the number of the anniversary. What comes to mind when you think of the number "5"?

Of course, there is only the "Ibanez TS5 Tube Screamer."

So, in celebration of "KarDiaN 5th Anniversary," we are pleased to reconstruct this lovely pedal in black and green.KarDiaN has released "Serotonin", which was originally developed as a reference for Tube Screamer.This time, based on this design, Kitada interpreted the actual "Ibanez TS5 Tube Screamer" that he owns and created his original design "Serotonin 5th".It is an extreme high-gain pedal that pushes the high-gain Tube Screamer, a feature of the TS5, even further, as well as a tone stack with 2 EQs, which the TS5 does not have.

Serotonin 5th", produced in honor of the 5th anniversary, will be released in a limited edition of 150 units worldwide.

▲Ibanez TS5 Tube Screamer


"Serotonin 5th" has special attention from the parts. In particular, it is no exaggeration to say that the fact that we were able to secure 150 units of Toshiba's TA75558P op-amp, which was also used in the actual device, was the catalyst for the creation of this pedal. The op-amp's fuzz-like graininess when turned up produces a distortion that is typical of the TS5. In addition, we used the ERO MKP1845 from Ernst Lederstein of Germany to bring the gain point to a much higher level than the normal TS5 and Serotonin. This allowed us to create a sound with a strong core flavor while suppressing unnecessary high and low frequencies when the gain was increased. In addition, the Isahaya 2SK2880 transistor used as a buffer produces a characteristic sound with strong midrange stickiness. Electrolytic capacitors around the power supply were also changed to 100uF KEMET A750 series to provide noise suppression corresponding to high gain.

▲Board of Serotonin 5th

▲Toshiba TA75558P

▲ERO MKP1845 Green (or Blue)


▲Isahaya 2SK2880


And this time, we challenge in new painting.Gunmetal black paint with a metallic feel is used to express a texture different from that of ordinary black paint.The LEDs and knobs are also printed in a consistent cyber-green color, which is more in keeping with the "Ibanez TS5 Tube Screamer" that was used as the reference for this year's "Serotonin 5th".

▲5th limited Cyber Green Color


""Serotonin 5th" will be a [limited edition of 150 units worldwide] model due to the availability of vintage parts.

▲1 / 150 serial listed


It has been five years since KaDiaN pedals have been supporting the feet of people all over the world. This unit, created on this commemorative day, will move forward into the next era together with the artists.


- Input impedance : 1M
- Output impedance : 10kΩ
- Control : Volume、Drive、Treble、Bass
- Switching : True Bypass
- Connecting:1/4 inch standard phone jack x 2 (input, output)
- Power supply method:9V center minus DC power
- Current consumption : 11mA
- Dimension : Width (W) 72 mm, Depth (D) 121 mm, Height (H) 55 mm (including protrusions such as foot switches and jacks)
- Weight : 311g
- EAN : 4589825520536
- Accessories : Warranty card

Please note that specifications are subject to change without notice due to product improvements. Also, the image is a sample. Please note that the paint finish may vary slightly from unit to unit.