A small circuit that leads to the correct phase

There is a phase to sound. When they overlap, the sound is more powerful, but when they work in opposite directions, the sound is not as clear. KarDiaN's "Trehalose" extension circuit is designed to correct such incorrect phases. The onboard preamps that many bassists use can sometimes unintentionally create a phase that is the opposite of the waveform produced by the passive. This is especially true for players who switch between passive and active during live performances, between songs, or in between recordings. The extension circuit was developed to solve this problem caused by onboard preamps. It can create the same correct phase as a passive circuit without losing the original range of the instrument. The small circuit, which does not overwhelm the cavity, solves the phase difference problem between active and passive.

•  YELLOW  Input wiring for the signal from the on-board preamplifier.
•  GREEN  : Wiring output from trehalose.
•  RED  : Wire the positive power supply to provide power.
•  BLACK  : Ground wiring to connect to a common ground to the cavity.



• Power supply method : battery compatible 9V ~ 27V type 006P type)
• Dimension : Width (W) 20 mm, Depth (D) 30 mm, HEeight (H) 18 mm (including protrusions such as foot switches and jacks)
• Weight : 9g
• Current consumption : 0.5mA
• EAN : 4589825520079
• Accessories : Warranty card