C10H12N2O "Serotonin" Black Edition


Kurosawa Music Special ver.

"C10H12N2O / Serotonin" was developed to have a rich midrange and a warm compressive feel. However, several irregular prototypes were created during the development phase, and they were stored in schematic form only. This time, we created a "Jet Black" serotonin with open clipping points, which is the complete opposite of the normal version. It is a sibling model of the Serotonin, with the luxurious use of op-amps and capacitors not used in the normal model, and the accompanying circuit modifications.

For the paint, "the world's blackest paint" was used to achieve a deeper black color. The silk printing and rust patterns are printed in layers of black using ordinary matte black paint, but instead of blending in with the black paint of the chassis, they emerge in a mysterious design.

• Input impedance:1MΩ 
• Output impedance:10kΩ
• Control : Volume、Drive、Treble、Bass
• Switching:True Bypass
• Connecting:1/4 inch standard phone jack x 2 (input, output)
• Power supply method:9V center minus DC power
• Current consumption : 7mA
• Dimension : Width (W) 72 mm, Depth (D) 121 mm, Height (H) 55 mm (including protrusions such as foot switches and jacks)
• Weight : 288g
• EAN : 4589825520055
• Accessories : Warranty card

Please note that specifications are subject to change without notice due to product improvements. Also, the image is a sample. Please note that the paint finish may vary slightly from unit to unit.